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Luxy is an exclusive dating website for wealthy people and successful businessman. It’s a good place for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies finding their matches. Established back in 2014 is a fresh site however already had been called as premium and one of bests.

What makes this site special?
Luxy is a site dedicated to successful and rich people who are living luxury life. It’s an elite site for rich people with over millions of active users every day and unique visitors. As seen in many TV stations like CNN, BBC, ABC and publications like: Business Insider, The New York Times and Huffington Post brings all attractive singles together.

Website Design
Website design looks very luxurious and gives some rich feeling into it. Black and gold elements on main site looks well made. The moving background on main page really brings attention. Sign up button is visible and you can perform a quick search before joining in.

When you scroll down you will find more detailed information about Luxy.

After sing up, user’s interface looks nice and welcoming.

When it comes to features it does have “luxurious” ones.

The dating service makes the most of the smart-phone platform. Free features are very limited here and all you can do is perform basic search and basic profile view. You can send 1 free rose and every another one cost you 1 coin each.
Communication required a membership and there’s nothing you can do with it unless you pay.

There are some topics available to read and search and it’s similar to forums section available on various websites. You can ask your own question and rate the best ones.

Feature called “Moments” allow members to share their personal moments in the form of pictures. You can talk with somebody who like or comment you picture, however this option is only for paid users.

There’s some gambling game where you can earn extra coins to boost up profile.

Membership on Luxy is various and it’s needed to do any action to be honest.
You need to have coins in order to communicate with users or sending virtual roses as an ice breaker. By coins you can boost your profile as well. Coins prices are various like:

·$7.99/100 coins
·$59.99/1000 coins
·$299.99/10000 coins

Luxy membership costs $99 for a month and $353 for 6 months. In addition you can get some extra membership called “Luxy TUNE” to filter profiles more specifically for $12.99 a month.

There’s a mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices. There are same features as on the website + match matching game (simply swipe left and right).

The app allows men who earn over $200,000 and women earning over $100,000 per annum.

You can sign up to Luxy using Facebook account or valid e mail address. Since it’s a luxury site we do recommend registration by email. After giving information about yourself and get your profile verified, it’s all done.

Safety and Privacy
There’s no clear information if this site is safe to use. There’s no secured SSL. However since Luxy is mostly recommended millionaire dating site and had been mention in many social media, we think it’s legit to us.

Customer Service
When it comes to support and customer service what is missing here is definitely a phone number. For an exclusive and expensive site like Luxy there has to be a phone number to call. What you can find here is only an email form to fill up.

Final Verdict
There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Luxy is one of the most expensive dating services available on the market. However if you consider yourself a millionaire spending 100 $ a month is not a big deal. This web has a tone of innovative and unique features which are available to make your dating experience richer. This is a site worth trying.