How to make a woman loves you, not your money.

How to make a woman loves you, not your money.

It’s a commonly known that rich guys have a problem with finding love and proper partner. Partner who will love them, not their money. Due to our society, money always paid a huge role and been kind of “roots of evil”. Millionaires always struggle to find candidate, girl who is not interested in their money. Of course they can date with another rich and wealthy beauty and then this problem disappear. However for those rich guys out there who want to give a chance for normal and every day girl, here’s few tips how to make her love you, not your money.

·Be creative while dating. There are many activities which do not required money and are perfect for date idea. Walking along the beach, picking in park or doing sports are only a few awesome ideas to make her realize you are not spoiled because of money. Ideas are limitless and show her you are creative in spending free time. If she will complain and try to meet you in expensive restaurants, then it’s better to give up on her.

·Tell her you’re broke. This is a bit dramatic way of treating your partner; however it will bring reliable results. If she loves you, she will stay with you no matter what. If she needs your money, she will disappear sooner than you can spell word “millionaire”.

·Show her dark side of being millionaire. Every aspect of life has good and bad sites and there’s no excuse of being rich. Having lots of money might cause lots of problems. The more money you have, the more enemies you might get. Your main task here is to show your partner that being wealthy and famous is not that awesome as it’s shown in social media. If she accept your lifestyle no matter what (even with worst parts of it) for sure she is not the type who loves money and spending them on expensive accessories, but for sure she is honest and reliable partner.

·Stop buying expensive gifts. It’s obvious that every woman love to receive gifts from partner, especially the one who is rich. If you are wealthy your lady might expect more and more from you. If you want to make her love you, not your money you shall cut all gifts for a while and check her behavior. If she will start asking and demand gifts, it’s clear sign that what she was looking for was your wallet and credit card.

·Play before you pay. We are not trying to say that the lady you might have fun with is a prostitute, however it’s well known they rich guys need to “pay” with a gift or expensive dinner before they can have fun. Try to play with her before you actually prepare something for her. This might make her thing that actually money is not the most essential thing to have fun.

·Introduce your family and friends. Rich people are less willing to introduce friends and family members if they are meeting with a non-wealthy partner. However if you will show her that all matter her are emotions between you two, not your money, hopefully she will love you more. While introducing her to family she will feel like someone important and special in your life.

Making woman loves you more, than your money is hard task, however we are sure that sooner or later you will find a proper partner to get married with.